In "The Last Medium" the work is centred on the notion of the ‘medium’ as a channeller - liminal, intersistial - able to make contact with extra-spiritual dimensions, as well as being able to mediate through both body and voice the ‘moment’ be it through the direct mediation of sound waves in the surrounding environment, or the movement of the sea, air and ground. The medium achieves this through contact with multiple dimensions in a single space. Highlighting the peak of Helen Duncan’s and Mediums such as Jane Rebecca Yorke’s practice in the late 19th and early 20th century, the last Medium was channelled from this period, dressed in garments carrying appropriate suggestions of the period. In the process, I also aim through performing the piece to make reference to ideas of an expanding universe and notions of the ‘live’ through a reframing of the surrounding environment in a ‘live’ citing of sounds, movement and textures of the present through voice and body.
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