Atlas of a Dream Volcano

“Atlas of a Dream Volcano” is an exhibition at Datsuijo, Tokyo drawing on a book made by the artist Alexandra Ruppert.  In this book, and her practice, Ruppert calls for a dream-ward shift in our thinking inspired by visionaries such as Donna Haraway and Ursula K.Le Guin. Amidst our environmental crises and the risks of further spiralling into an anthropocentric black hole; for Ruppert, there is an urgent need for us to collectively practice communal dreaming, and communal imagining so that we can access and create alternative, bolder ways forward.

Ruppert’s practice of imagining is grounded in the documentation and mapping of dreams.  In “Atlas of a Dream Volcano”, Ruppert turns the atlas from a tool for mapping the outside world, into a pathway towards reconsidering the world inside ourselves, especially those created using our unconscious world-building capacities. By mapping dreams as a visualisation of these unconscious lands, Ruppert hopes to better understand interior feelings, motivations and desires; whilst also stimulating her own and others imaginations in a collective sense through the sharing of the fearlessly absurd, irrational and otherworldly travels we can take during dreamtime. These are journeys that at times, can even lead to life-changing ruptures across our waking and dreaming lives.
Joining Alexandra Ruppert in this exhibition will be the artists, Jean Lemonnier, Qiu-cheng Xu and Jo Hyejung whose work also travels into dreamtime and the unconscious.
Qui-cheng Xu’s film takes us on a suspenseful hike through forest fires, fictional battles, and alien lands towards a heart-wrenching rebirth. For some the film might capture the dream of a lifetime, though as it stumbles in and out of the unconscious it could also be perceived as a fragment of our waking life.
From a dreaming life, to a life without dreams; Jean Lemonnier’s film follows a conversation on a train in the night where we hear of the experience of a dreamer who can no longer dream. The film follows her thoughts before sleep and upon waking, to reflect on how we experience time and memory amidst imaginative realms both captured and lost.
Using glass sculpture as a medium, Hyejung Jo (the ‘dreamer’ in Lemonnier’s film) attempts to once again enter into that dreamless void at night; with the glassblowing process itself echoing the loss of control she feels as a dreamer who can no longer dream.
A key part of the exhibition will be a “dream exchange” event  that will take place on Saturday 29th July between 4-6pm. During this event, audience members are invited to share their dreams or unconscious pilgrimages with one another in an act of “communal dreaming”.  Ruppert also invites people to join this event online, and submit their dreams anytime over the course of the exhibition.

【Exhibition Info】
Schedule: 27th (Thu) - 30th (Sun) July, 2023
Venue: Datsuijo - (a) place to be naked, Yanaka, Tokyo
Hours: 13:00-18:00
Admission Fee: ¥500
Artists: Jean Lemonnier, Qiu-cheng Xu, Jo Hyejung, Alexandra Ruppert
Curator: Catherine Harrington


会期:2023年7月27日(木) - 7月30日(日)

夢交換: ¥1000 (16:00 - 18:00, 現地で支払い)
マイクロパーティ: (7月29日、18:00-20:00) 無料

会場:脱衣所 - (a) place to be naked, 谷中、東京

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